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Our Story

At Paving Pathways, we’ve served students, parents, caregivers, and families in the Central Florida area for over 5 years. This organization was founded by Patricia Bebe after working as an Orange County school teacher and community volunteer who noticed a disconnection between students and families from underprivileged backgrounds and their community and schools. Paving Pathways believes in the power of partnering and collaborating with community neighborhood centers, local agencies, and schools to provide and ensure more equitable educational opportunities, increase academic achievement, sustain economic mobility, and promote social-emotional learning.

Our programs include:

  • Community and school reading initiatives

  • Monthly events and workshops for children and families

  • Summer S.T.E.M/S.T.E.A.M camp and program scholarships

  • Annual community resource fair

  • Professional development for youth service providers

  • Student and parent advocates for children and families

Volunteers Cleaning
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